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ZDS was founded in 1994 as an IT Consulting company. In 1998, we became an approved NY State contractor. Our company specializes in streamlining both development costs and time by using our proven Global Fast Track™ (GFT™) services and methodologies. To date we have successfully streamlined fortune 100 & 500 customers development costs anywhere from 25% to 70% and improved Time To Market (TTM) by as much as 25%. If after a free initial consultation with the customer we feel we can not save them at a minimum 25%, we simply walk away from the job. Customers who benefit from our end-to-end capabilities include leading Global and dot.com companies in manufacturing, retail, health care, telecommunications, consumer goods and financial services, as well as global nonprofit organizations and government agencies.


ZDS Engineers have accomplished backgrounds with world-class companies in video technology - including the first solid-state TV cameras for the BBC, and TV transmitters for NATO. With M.S. degrees, Ph D qualifications from M.I.T., and patents in our field, we provide leading-edge Network Video monitoring and control systems.

Our high-end systems include remote video auto-patrols, and auto-tracking of moving targets, for law-enforcement and homeland security. PTZ cameras with powerful optical zoom enable remote camera rotation and zoom-in, for criminal I.D. and other target details. Video motion detection and alarms trigger phone alerts - with auto-recording and email notification, including video shots.

New mobile PTZ camera video, using cellular wireless internet routers, enables remote video and audio monitoring from mobile vehicles and remote locations.

For the retail and restaurant industries, POS fraud is eliminated or controlled by video monitoring at the cash register - with recording and playback of composite video and transaction data, side by side on display screen.

Our advanced DNVR systems (Distributed Network Video Recording) obsolete CCTV and VCRs. DVRs are also being replaced by the unique benefits of DNVR

In addition to video for the Security industry, we provide unique remote video monitoring and contol for maximizing commercial and industrial productivity - and also monitoring of people safety and comfort in homes, daycare, institutions and other organizations.

With the hardware and software expertise in our IT and Electronics divisions, we can integrate our network video with other electronic security and BA systems as needed.


This division offers Hardware and Firmware (Embedded Software) contracting for Electronic Products and Systems, including real time PID closed loop monitoring and control systems. Capabilities extend from Microcode/Assembly through C & C+ + real time code /memory efficient designs, using In-Circuit Emulators to Virtual Simulators to validate system design and performance. Development expertise includes 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit single microcontrollers and Single Board Computers.

Electronic Hardware services include Microprocessor based industrial control and instrumentation systems, RF and IR network based communications, schematic capture and PCB layout.

Mechanical design with CAD, CAM, CAE, includes motion analysis, complex part structural design, pump, valve, and fluid systems design and material/process selection. Analysis includes FEA, FMEA, DFM, DFA, QFD, and Geometric dimensioning and tolerance analysis . Development, manufacture and test services have local and low-cost off-shore options. Our Technology Center in India provides competitive technical talent in IT, Hardware & Software, and Biometric Recognition Systems.